Hello I am

Randy Maale

Certified Personal Trainier

With over 30 years of fitness experience, let me be your guide to a healthier you.  Re-balance, de-stress and build unshakeable confidence. 

About Me.

I've spent  my entire life devoted to fitness, nutrition  and a healthy lifestyle. From being a champion bodybuilder to a crossfit athlete to a distance cyclist, I've found joy and purpose in all levels of fitness. 


As a devoted husband and father to twin boys with autism,  I am committed to staying healthy and in shape,  not just for myself, but for my family. 


I am passionate about working  with men and women of all fitness levels and can tailor a program for anyone, regardless of your current fitness level. I have the knowledge, skills and abilities to meet you where you are. We can work together on a journey to a healthier you. Learn how to re-balance, de-stress and have unshakeable confidence. 

My Services.

What can you expect when you work with me? 

Personal Training

Comprehensive personal assessment that we use to create an individualized training program to help you meet your goals.  Each workout/training session is customized just for you. I  will help you with form, function and all aspects of your training. 


No Equipment Needed

I will come to you. Meet at your home, outside, or your clubhouse gym. You do not need to provide any equipment, I will bring everything you need to get fit. With me as your guide, we will work together as you complete fun and challenging workouts and navigate to a healthier you.


Unlimited Access 

As a client, you will get free access to a fully customized app that integrates with your smartwatch, where you can track your food and workouts and monitor your progress. Through the app, I will share custom workouts & recipes with you, give feedback on your progress & you'll have unlimited access to me through chat. 

Contact Me.

Serving the greater Palm Beach County area. To learn more about working with me on  your fitness journey, let's chat. 


(561) 324-9320

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